Qualified Service Provider
TrainND Northeast partners with the North Dakota Department of Human Services Division of Medical Services to train in-home care providers. Learn about becoming a Qualified Service Provider (QSP) by watching an 18-minute video, "A Realistic Job Preview."

QSP's are considered independent contractors who meet the competency standards required to provide services to eligible clients. There is a critical need in North Dakota, especially in rural and tribal areas as our population ages. In-home care providers are trained by highly-qualified registered nurses who customize training to suit the provider and the client.

To become a Qualified Service Provider, contact your County Social Service Office for information and a training referral. Following referral, a training is arranged with a nurse trainer in your area for a $10 processing fee. Depending on the needs of the participant, training is generally completed in one visit, between 3-10 hours in length.

Available Sessions